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Gear Health Algorithm Solution for Drive Systems

Gear Health Algorithm Solution For Drive System Design And Operations

Gear Health Algorithm Solution For Drive System Design And Operations The safe, reliable, and efficient…

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Published July 6, 2016

Material Sciences Based Predictive Models: A Step by Step Demonstration of How Sentient Builds a DigitalClone Model

Dr. Raja Pulikollu, Chief Materials Scientist and Vice President of Commercial Implementations , explains Sentient Science’s…

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Published April 21, 2016

Cutting Aerospace Validation Costs in Half Using Computational Testing

Learn how advances in computational testing in the aerospace industry lead to reduced cost and…

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Published February 2, 2016

Gearbox Life Extension: Improving Rotorcraft Drivetrain Life with Computational Testing and Asset Management

With programs such as U.S. Army Future Vertical Lift (FVL), how can I predict rotorcraft…

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Published May 19, 2014

Modeling of Complex Mechanical Systems

Mechanical systems, like helicopter gearboxes, are built of many complex sub-systems that require many different modeling and simulation tools to model specific phenomenon such as mechanical motion, heat transfer, and control system stability. Unfortunately, these different simulation models can be difficult or impossible to integrate together to form a model of the overall performance of a full system. Sentient Science uses Modelica language to accurately model subsystems and full systems in one unified model. Join us to learn how Sentient uses Modelica to efficiently and accurately model multi-body systems.

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Published January 7, 2014

A Better Approach for More Efficient, Cost Effective Evaluation of Machinery

Machinery testing that involves all types of equipment from airplanes to automobiles to tractors is very expensive and time consuming because great care must be taken to ensure that the specific component or device operates properly over its warranted time frame. Failure to do so, invited higher costs and even more damaging issues such as a loss of reputation in the manufacturing sector.

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Published May 31, 2013

Overload Evaluation of Rotorcraft Tail Rotor Drive Spiral Bevel Gears

This paper details an effort conducted to evaluate the effects of short to moderate duration overloads on the spiral bevel gears of the UH-60 helicopter tail rotor drive train. The focus of the effort was on the UH-60 intermediate gearbox (IGB). An initial analytical assessment of the effect of loads above the endurance limit was conducted using an American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) based approach.

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Published April 24, 2013

Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Helicopter Gearbox Bearings via Vibration Diagnosis and Physics-based Prognostic Modeling

This paper describes an innovative approach for predicting the remaining useful life (RUL) of a tapered roller bearing in the tail gearbox (TGB) of the UH-60M. The approach integrates vibration-based CIs with two of Sentient Corporation’s software packages, CABPro (Contact Analysis for Bearing Prognostics) and the Prognostic Integration Architecture (PIA). CABPro uses physics-based damage progression modeling to predict the onset and progression of fatigue spalling in rolling bearings based on material properties, bearing geometry, lubrication conditions, and operating conditions.

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Published March 15, 2013

Predicting the Remaining Life of Propulsion System Bearings

Diagnostic technologies for rolling element bearings are relatively well developed, but accurate prediction of remaining life once an incipient fault has been detected is considerably more difficult. This paper describes a comprehensive experimental study of bearing spall progression and a physics-based model being developed for bearing prognostics. The model computes the spall growth trajectory and time to failure based on operating conditions, and uses diagnostic feedback to self-adjust and reduce prediction uncertainty.

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Published March 15, 2013