Machinery testing that involves all types of equipment from airplanes to automobiles
to tractors is very expensive and time consuming because great care must be taken toensure that the specific component or device operates properly over its warranted timeframe. Failure to do so invites higher costs and even more damaging issues such as a loss of reputation in the manufacturing sector.

For these reasons, large amounts of testing are done to ensure that components inmachinery will operate at optimum levels over a prescribed period. One of the objectives of this testing is to identify specific segments of these parts that fail leading to thepossibility of premature machinery failure.

For example, no gasoline engine oil can be used in the U.S. unless it meets the currentGF5 specification for passenger car motor oils. There are at least six engine sequencetests that are needed to ensure that gasoline engine oils meet minimum requirements.The cost for these six tests is approximately $150,000 per engine oil sample.

With all of the technology available, there must be a better way to provide accurate, reliable testing in a more time and cost effective manner.

Author: Raja Pulikollu, PhD

Publish Date: May 31, 2013