Georgian is a fintech company that invests in high growth technology companies that harness the power of data in a trustworthy way. Georgian has funded Sentient Science since 2017 in a Series B, C and D. Sentient's DigitalClone® SaaS solutions use proprietary physics-based modeling and machine learning AI to unlock insights that lower the costs of designing, operating, and sustaining high value assets. This visibility also helps customers optimize parts inventories and increase profitability. Furthermore, Sentient Science offers professional scientific services that enable us to partner with customer experts in industries such as Wind Energy, Aerospace, Automotive and Rail to develop cost-optimized life extension actions. Capital funds have been used to provide new technical, security and software capabilities within DigitalClone® for the continuation of rapid market growth . “Sentient Science team has unique technologies and a solid business model that lowers the cost of engineering and operations & maintenance,” said Simon Chong, Managing Partner at Georgian. “Their DigitalClone for Wind software fits perfectly with our thesis area for artificial intelligence, and we look forward to working with Sentient to expand technical capabilities and added value within the core applications.” The United States Federal Government awarded more than $22 million in Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants for the development of the physics-based software, which has been used on U.S. Government platforms, including the Hubble Telescope, Joint Strike Fighter and Apache and Blackhawk helicopters. NASA data was also used to validate the technology in 2010. Sentient was honored at the White House in 2014 with the Tibbetts Award, in 2016 with the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers Award for its rapid commercialization in renewable energy, in 2017 with the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovations Award for Wind Prognostics, and in 2020 with the Aerospace & Defense Review Top 10 Aviation Providers. Sentient’s scientific team includes computational tribologists, materials scientists, mechanical engineers and data scientists, of whom the company makes available to customers to lower their cost of energy using predictive technologies. Learn More

Business Partners


SEWON Solution Technology (SWSTECH) is the new partner of Sentient Science for the railroads and transit authorities in Korea for DigitalClone for Engineering (DC-E) and DigitalClone for Rail Operations & Maintenance (DC-RM). SWSTECH was established in 2013 to provide total solutions using numerical calculation and testing for customers' complex engineering problems and product development. SWSTECH has been providing engineering services for PDM/PLM over the past decade, and has been specializing in big data management, analysis, and customization. Currently, a CAE team has been newly established to hire structural simulation (FEA), multi-body dynamics (MBD), and optimization experts. This team intends to provide digital twin and optimization technology services in the CAE field to customers using artificial intelligence. Learn More
Raynumeric Simulation & Technologies is the new partner of Sentient Science in India for DigitalClone for Engineering (DC-E) and DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM). Raynumeric was founded in 2017, with the mission, to provide solutions using numerical calculation & methodologies to complex engineering problems faced by the industry. Raynumeric is recognized as the most innovative digital twin company in the field of numerical calculation and simulation (CAE), offering products & solutions in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), structural simulation (FEA), multiphysics design, multi-body dynamics (MBD), system simulation (1D Simulation), multi-disciplinary optimization, and three-dimensional mathematical modeling. Learn More
UIT Solutions

UIT Solutions is the new partner of Sentient Science in Korea for DigitalClone for Engineering (DC-E) and DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM). UIT is the largest independent innovative technology software distributor in Korea and have successfully delivered optimal solutions to its customers for over 20 years. UIT helps clients engineer the most efficient business process through advanced software and cutting-edge technologies. An UIT solution is all encompassing and includes technical information, event, training, support and hand-on technical services. Learn More
ONATUS Vision Technologies is the new partner of Sentient Science in Turkey for the world class DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM); . Onatus is an engineering and consultancy company, providing high-tech engineering and consultancy services with its expert personnel since 2013 by continuously updating its experienced proficient personnel in the context of technological developments in line with customer demands and expectations, mainly among metal material manufacturers, defence industry, research centers, academy institutions, automotive, white goods, and machinery manufacturing sectors. Learn More

Croda acquired Rewitec GmbH and began to offer Energy Technologies customers nano- and micro-particle-based additives to increase the durability of machinery by lowering friction and reducing wear. Sentient Science validated Rewitec’s DuraGear gearbox oil additives for use in wind turbine gearboxes. This brand-new partnership will see Sentient apply physics and data science expertise, combined with Croda’s Rewitec additives, to calculate the lifetime extension of critical rotating components. It will also examine how Rewitec’s GR400 grease additive, developed specifically for main bearing durability improvements, can improve equipment lifetime. Learn More
As the national accelerator for additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing (3DP), America Makes is the nation’s leading and collaborative partner in AM and 3DP technology research, discovery, creation, and innovation. Structured as a public-private partnership with member organizations from industry, academia, government, non-government agencies, and workforce and economic development resources, we are working together to innovate and accelerate AM and 3DP to increase our nation’s global manufacturing competitiveness. America Makes was established in 2012, is based in Youngstown, Ohio, and is the flagship Institute for Manufacturing USA, the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. America Makes is managed and operated by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM). Learn More

Sentient Science is pleased to support and promote the contribution of the Vertical Flight Society to the understanding of vertical flight technology. Learn More

Trapeze EAM is Sentient Science go-to-market partner in the transit rail industry. Their industry-leading asset management platform that is built for rail properties to enable easier capital planning through clear cost-benefit analysis of the work specifications, budget impact, future cost avoidance, and alternatives considered. Learn More
Sourceforge: Every month, millions of businesses rely on Sourceforge to research, compare, review, and buy B2B software and technology services. To learn more about Sentient Science's products and review them, click on a product name below: Review Now

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Academic Partners

  • Purdue

    Purdue University's researchers provide insight, knowledge, assistance, and solutions in many crucial areas...Visit Website.

  • University at Buffalo

    The University at Buffalo is a premier, research-intensive public university dedicated to academic excellence...Visit Website.

  • Tennessee Technological University

    Tennessee Tech University draws together resources in a cooperative effort to be on the leading edge of the latest technological advances in manufacturing...Visit Website.

  • The University of Nevada, Reno

    The University of Nevada, Reno was founded in 1874 as Nevada's first institution of higher education. Today, the University delivers on its land-grant mission of access to education...Visit Website.

Technical Partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dynamic, growing business unit within We are currently hiring Software Development Engineers, Product Managers, Account Managers, Solutions Architects, Support Engineers, System Engineers, Designers and more...Learn More
Maplesoft products provide modern, innovative solutions to meet today’s challenges, from exploring math concepts on a smartphone to reducing development risk in complex engineering design projects. Maplesoft products and services are used by more than...Learn More
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