Accelerating Design Schedules by 50%

DigitalClone Platform is a network of wind turbine operators and suppliers, connected through digitalization, materials science and life extension actions. DigitalClone is materials science-based, simulating wind turbine drivetrain components using operational and loading conditions to predict the progression of failure. The software provides life extension options for field action to reduce fleet failure rates and unplanned maintenance events.

Reduce Risk, Cost & Uncertainty with long-term visibility of component remaining useful life

for Engineering
Reduce risk with computational testing of certified digital models for component qualification & accelerate design optimization schedules by up to 50%.
for Operations & Maintenance
Watchlist of each asset in fleet by site, turbine, drivetrain & components to find additional failing assets not detected by traditional watchlists.
for Asset Management
Utilize watchlist of fielded aircraft with the highest risk of damage within life-limited components by tail number up to 24 months ahead of sensors. Support for condition-based and reliability-centered maintenance.
for Supply Chain
Leverage platform to improve efficiencies between suppliers and operators for long-term demand forecasting, planning and budgeting. Reduce impact of long lead time components, gain efficiencies in labor and reduce safety stock.


Original Equipment Manufacturers

Create internal drivetrain DigitalClone models that generate Component Life Predictions for bearings, gears and drivetrain systems using material science and physics-based analysis based on planned operational profiles and loading conditions.

Test 99% data points through computational test, including operational profiles, design alternatives & material options, to meet competitive design requirements.

Accelerate marketing and sales schedules by up to 50% to meet market timing requirements.


Objectively compare competing technologies and designs to make data-driven decisions.

Evaluate risk and life extension of replacements strategies and suppliers through multi-physics-based simulations of products under realistic operational profiles.

Forecast sustainment costs for fielded wind turbines using Multiphysics modeling techniques, including scenarios where no historical data is available or limited.


Supply Chain

Leverage high-fidelity physics-based models to forecast multiyear replacement and inventory costs.

Leverage the platform demand forecast for economies of scale.

Leverage certified DigitalClone models to assess alternate supplier technologies.

Provide early warning of emerging reliability issues within fleets.

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