Core Functionality

Make Better Decision
View the aggregation of forecasts to manage strategic supply chain decisions.
Buy on Life (TM)
Enables users to manage product/service offerings – pricing and responses to RFQs.
Industry Wide Demand Forecast
View aggregated forecasts of demand for all Operator assets within DigitalClone.
Model Management
Upload and manage run-time models to offer products and services on DigitalClone Platform.

Business Value

  1. Manage inventory to compare forecasts vs actuals, allowing you to negotiate multi-year supplier agreements.
  2. Identify problematic components across the fleet and the best replacements option from a marketplace of suppliers.
  3. Aggregate fleet-wide health status and demand forecasts for benchmarking industry performance on major assemblies and subcomponents.
  4. Ability to offer their (critical or non-critical) life extension products or services through DigitalClone platform with a certified life model.
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