Have you ever wanted a sandbox to test out your ideas? If you’re managing or caring for a multi-million-dollar wind turbine, trying new ideas can be challenging. For instance, what impact will a wear-resistant DLC-coated bearing actually have on my asset?

At Sentient, we built a digital sandbox where you can play around virtually – change subcomponents, operational conditions, lubrications, test out different life extension scenarios, make one change at a time or in complex combinations. We allow you to play with different buckets, try new and out of the box ideas and then see what the calculated change in turbine life will be before you take real-life action. We also calculate the change in net present value of the asset considering the cost of upgrades and maintenance.

For the first time, Sentient is making its simulators available to play with the data for free.

It’s part of an educational effort that we’re doing globally with WindEurope, North America’s Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys and Recharge News, to show how digitalization can allow you to play in a digital sandbox – to experiment, test your ideas, try life extension and drive down costs. You can try this as part of “The Wind Challenge”, an on-line game, about strategy for the longest life extension at the lowest cost. The Challenge starts Sept 10.

And we’re giving prizes out – an eMotorcycle, 3 drones and JBL speakers for listening to your favorite tunes uptower while your turning the golden screwdriver. If you want the prizes, just play the game.

Good playing. Good luck. And Get Digital!