The Team

Scientific Research Team

Adrijan Ribaric, Ph.D.

Vice President, System Technology

Ankur Ashtekar, Ph.D.

Lead Scientist, Rotor Systems

Arnab Ghosh, Ph.D.

Computational Material Scientist

Behrooz Jalalahmadi, Ph.D.

Director of Life Extension Solutions

Elon Terrell, Ph.D.

Computational Tribologist

“Eva” Xiawa Wu, Ph.D.

Computational Materials Scientist

Harpal Singh, Ph.D.

Lab Manager, Research Scientist

Jingfu Liu, Ph.D.

Research Engineer

Morteza Najjari, Ph.D.

Computational Tribologist

Nathan Bolander, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist & Technology Officer

Nick Weinzapfel, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist, Computational Bearings

Raja V. Pulikollu, Ph.D.

Vice President of Implementations, Chief Materials Scientist

Vijayant Kumar, Ph.D.

Vice President - Data Science & Engineering

Customer & Delivery

Brian Wilson

Vice President, Supplier Technology

Camille Bennett

Commercial Programs Manager

Chris DeMarchis

Customer Success Manager

Edward Wagner

Chief Digital Officer

Gerald Curtin

Vice President, Asset Answers

Jason Rios

Vice President & General Manager of Aerospace

Jill Szpylman

Director, Public Relations

Karen Cassidy, Ph.D.

Vice President, New Product Marketing

Matthew Smith

Marketing Performance Analyst

Natalie Hils

Director, Revenue Marketing

Sara Zadeh

Computational Test Engineer

Wesley Thomas

Business Development Manager

Zach Friedman

Country Manager, China

Software Engineering & User Experience

Aaron P. Smith, MFA

Director, Digital Experience

Aaron Soellinger

Lead Data Scientist, Life Prediction

Amine Chigani, Ph.D.

CTO & Vice President, Software Engineering

Brennan Harris

Systems Engineer

Brian Hansen

Mechanical Engineer

Chris Haynes

Python Programmer

Chris Kuebler

UX Designer

Eric Johnson

Webmaster & Web Developer

Kevin Shaffer

Software Architect

Kevon Greenidge

Senior Software Engineer

Matthew Clark

Junior Mechanical Engineer

Matt Pilla

Web Developer

Paul Peccia

Development Team Manager

Pedro Berges, PE

Implementations Manager

Wendy Saglime

Software Engineer


Aaron Russell

Financial Controller

Alfonso Faubel

President Europe, Chief Revenue Officer • Energy

Brendan Harrington

Chief Financial Officer

Christa Ransbury

HR Manager

Jeffery Zellner

Accounting Assistant

Lisa Guyer

Office Manager, Peak Performance Health Coach

Lisa Mullinix

Accounting Manager

Ward Thomas

President & CEO

Victoria Thomas

HR, Peak Performance