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How would you respond to customer needs if you could test new products in their operating conditions?


Soldiers, responders, and civilians are pushing their aircraft to extreme limits (such as oil-out) while demanding even higher reliability and lower cost and weight.

In 2013, Boeing selected Sentient Science to provide computational testing and computational asset management solution under the new ASTRO Program (Autonomous Sustainment Technologies for Rotorcraft Operations) for Boeing AH-64E next-generation gearbox. For computational testing, DigitalClone System® and DigitalClone Component® models are used to give Boeing more performance data for preliminary and detailed design iterations of system configuration, duty cycle, material selection, lubrication, and surface enhancements – using only cloud-computing software and external computing resources.

The design models will be integrated through DigitalClone Live® into Boeing’s existing on and off-board processors (HUMS) for autonomous monitoring to extend remaining useful life and reduce the maintenance burden for current and future fleet.

  • Develop the most tested products with more performance data
  • Reduce go-to-market time and cost by optimizing testing
  • Deploy models from testing to predict and extend remaining useful life in operation