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What decisions would you make if you knew when your mechanical assets would fail?

Frank Silvernail

First Wind’s fleet of Clipper and GE wind turbines started failing suddenly after only a few months of operation.

First Wind was given early visibility into gearbox and component remaining useful life months to years in advance with capability of Sentient Science’s ground truth models. With this early visibility, First Wind reduced the uncertainty of their gearbox remanufacturing program and future maintenance and inventory budgeting.

With DigitalClone Live® and the “Industrial Internet” infrastructure, the team could confidently make operations and maintenance decisions (such as partial de-rating, lubrication changes, or refurbishing) to extend the life of their turbines gearboxes for the Clipper and GE units.

  • Early visibility into gearbox and component failures years in advance
  • Integrated with First Wind’s SCADA and sensor infrastructure to alert for short-term alarms
  • Extend the assets life and quantify the cost/benefits of operations and maintenance decisions