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What would you do if your wind turbines gearboxes were failing?

Introduction to Sentient Science

The ability to predict when and how a wind turbine will fail earlier allows you to make changes to improve life and performance.

Peñoles was looking to improve the gearbox reliability from their wind turbine fleet. With help from Sentient Science, Peñoles was able to increase their wind turbine performance by accurately predicting future field failures. With this visibility, Peñoles could effectively budget and prepare for these otherwise unexpected events.

Through the use of Sentient Science’s DigitalClone® technology, Peñoles could confidently make operations and maintenance decisions (such as partial de-rating, lubrication changes, or refurbishing) to extend the life of their wind turbine gearboxes.

  • Early visibility into gearbox and component failures years in advance
  • Integrated with owner/operator’s SCADA and sensor infrastructure to alert for short-term alarms
  • Extend the assets life and quantify the cost/benefits of O&M before making a decision

Peñoles uses DigitalClone on their Clipper wind turbine fleet, but the same solution applies to GE 1.5MW gearboxes and other wind turbine OEMs.