What if we gave you 18 months of visibility into the failure rates of your assets and critical components?
What if we could give you a list of components that will fail, including where and when over a 5-year period?
What if you knew the failure rates of your bearings and gears before the sensors can detect it?
What if we could reduce your insurance and warranty rates by providing an accurate view into the failure rates of your assets and key components?
What if we could compare competing components and suppliers for you, so that you "Buy on Life" and not just cost?

17,314 Assets under contract

  • More than 30 GW under contract
  • 350,000 Bearings Compared & Tested Annually
  • 52,000 Gears Under 24x7 Monitoring
Life Extension Solutions for Drivetrains.

What visibility into asset failure data do you want?

For Operational
and Supply Managers
Execute on Remaining Useful Life
3 mo.-
5 yrs.
For Asset and
Engineering Managers
Rolling forecast on RUL of assets
Life extension solutions & Buy On Life, not just price
For Risk and
Financial Managers
Use lifing models to assess financial risk
Compare suppliers & get the right configuration into your asset
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DigitalClone Live for Operators

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Visibility horizon into the
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DigitalClone Live for Suppliers

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