Materials Science. Digitalization. Life Extension.

We model the microstructure of critical components in physical assets to predict failure initiation and to identify life extension actions.


Wind Turbines
Wind Farms

Materials Science Prognostic Models to Reduce Risk

DigitalClone® Live simulates how components interact under actual operating conditions to predict when cracks initiate in the microstructure prior to failure.

A Digital Platform Connecting Operators and Suppliers

Operations Management

A digital watchlist ranking unique turbines by failure risk level

Asset Management

An 18-month rolling plan of component replacement forecasts and O&M budgeting

Supply Chain Management

A reduction in inventory carrying cost and ability to choose optimal components for your machine

Operations Management

Understand the health of the major systems and critical components for each turbine to prevent failure.
DigitalClone Live provides life extension actions for each turbine on the prognostics watchlist. The software ranks each asset based on current health state.

Operations management
Life Extension Report

Asset Management

Financial cost projections and savings based on DigitalClone Live life extension actions and predictions.
Users build multiyear budgets and forcast for aftermarket replacement components. Estimated savings are provided on a single dashboard.

Supply Chain Management

Buy components on life, not just price, to achieve optimal asset performance.
Simulate the impact supplier offerings have on your fielded assets, and then track aftermarket part performance. Also, reduce inventory carrying cost and insurance by understanding which components will fail and when.

Supply Chain