At what “speed” is your digitalization effort? There is no dispute, digitalization will play a key role in improving the sustainability of renewable energy sources through efficiency. The question remains – Where are you? While the industry has embraced the importance, water cooler conversations continue – How to monetize the true value of the data from digitalization?

The webinar outlines:

  • How digitalization is applied across all corporate business units: asset management, operations management, risk management and supply chain management to reduce the cost of energy by up to 13%
  • An industry operator case study on monetizing your digitalization efforts and understand the true ROI
  • A digitalization value statement to enable operations management can provide a short-term watch list from 0-12 months enabling early detection prior to consequential damage beyond an operator’s current capabilities – attributes to 2-3% of cost avoidance or cost savings.


Presenter Keith Vergien
Vice President, Energy Operations