Buffalo, New York – June 17, 2021 – Sentient Science, industry leader in advanced prognostic solutions, announced the launch of their new DigitalClone – Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM) physics-based simulation suite. DC-AM is an ICME platform that links process, microstructure and fatigue performance for metal additive manufacturing. It virtually examines AM parts at the microscale level, including grain size, grain morphology, porosity.

“As you know, the AM industry has many challenges that need to be overcome to make it a viable production solution.” said Melissa McReynolds SVP/GM Automotive Operations, Sentient Science. “Sentient has also developed prediction technology to address key issues in the manufacturability of additively manufactured parts – residual stress and part distortion. This capability allows users to optimize build orientation and support structure design to achieve “first-time-right” printing.”

DC-AM is capable of predicting material microstructure and fatigue life for components at the grain level considering microstructural defects and variations built using various AM processes. DC-AM is a cloud-based software that leverages AWS high performance computing for fast simulation. The multi-dimensional process and design optimization allows users to optimize the AM process and design based on microstructure and/or fatigue results.

This physics-based simulation suite directly benefits the user because it allows computational testing for new component designs, new materials, and new processes, which will significantly reduce cost and time compared to conventional physical testing. Sentient Science customers indicate that DC-AM can reduce iterations for design optimization by 75% and decrease the cost for AM part qualification by up to 50%.

The DigitalClone – Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM) is available to order today. Please contact Sentient Science for a demo.

About DigitalClone

DigitalClone is a physics-based computational modeling and design framework that simulates the microstructure of different components and their behavior. It calculates internal stresses caused by different applied loading conditions, accumulates internal damages resulting in crack nucleation and propagation, and investigates the performance and life prediction. DigitalClone-AM accounts for various AM process parameters – such as laser power, scan speed, hatch strategy, layer thickness, and others – to generate highly accurate predictions of part-level distortion, residual stress, grain structure, and porosity. Sentient’s AM expertise include process and microstructure modeling of the AM build process, microstructure-based life prediction of AM components, in-process defect monitoring and correction, reliability-centered part design and optimization, and lifecycle cost analysis. Sentient’s AM fatigue life prediction capability has been demonstrated for several materials and components with high accuracy. Since 2015, Sentient Science has received a total of $5.6M in funding from the US DoD and NASA to continue to expand the company’s additive manufacturing capabilities.

About Sentient Science

Sentient Science’s DigitalClone® software applies materials science and physics-based modeling to predict wear and fatigue damage of in the microstructure of critical components and major systems of helicopter drivetrains and rotating mechanical equipment. DigitalClone provides prognostic solutions impacting design, manufacturing, operations, sustainment, supply chain management, and many other aspects of the lifecycle of critical rotorcraft components. Sentient Science received the 2014 Tibbets Award at the White House for the role they played in research and development for the Government and for success in driving innovation into the industrial and energy marketplace, the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers Award in 2016 for commercialization of the DigitalClone software for life extension of wind turbines and Excellence in Wind Prognostics by Frost & Sullivan in 2017 and the 2020 Top Aviation Solution Providers by Aerospace & Defense Review.

For more information, please visit sentientscience.com or email contact@sentientscience.com

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