Only weeks after a large group of Japanese auto manufacturing companies reported a massive vehicle recall due to defective airbags, Honda is once again urging consumers to trade in certain car models that could have shifter problems. 

According to The Los Angeles Times, the company said it will soon begin the recall of more than 204,000 CR-V Crossovers, Odyssey minivans and Acura RDX crossovers, all of which need to have a component switched out to remain safe. The recall was announced after the car company performed tests of the vehicle in subfreezing temperatures, during which it realized that the car’s transmission can slide out of gear without the driver having to press the brake pedal. 

While this isn’t as serious as an all out brake failure, Honda officials say it could lead to other problems, such as the car jumping into gear while the passenger’s foot is on the brake. 

“This hasn’t actually happened on a vehicle that is in customers’ hands,” said Honda spokesman Chris Martin. “We have done it on vehicles that we own and test.”

According to the news source, Martin added that even though no official reports have come in regarding the defect, “we want to make sure we take care of it.”

Honda said it will contact all customers who may have purchased a defective model through the mail, beginning May 1. The recall comes after the company announced 1.14 million vehicles could have been affected by the airbag problems. 

But Honda isn’t alone in the issue. On April 22, Nissan also announced it would be performing a safety recall of several 2013 model Pathfinders and Infiniti JX SUVs, which was reported after testing showed a potentially defective component in the brake could make it difficult to bring the vehicle to a stop. 

According to The Car Connection, Nissan issued a notice to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration detailing the potential defect, which showed about 19,256 cars were affected. The models that may experience the brake problems were assembled between December 2, 2012 and January 29, 2013. About 14,000 Pathfinders and 5,000 Infinitis are involved in the recall. 

NHTSA states that testing showed the front brake torque member was improperly cast. This could result in the component breaking down or wearing out much earlier than expected. 

To avoid the high costs of recalls, auto manufacturers may want focus on efficient and accurate product testing measures.