As a part of what has seemingly become a weekly trend, another Japanese car maker has issued a recall for thousands of vehicles that may contain defects in the stability control systems installed in the car, Auto World News reports. 

According to the media outlet, about 46,000 Fit vehicles are being recalled in North America alone after the company reported the stability control issue. Affected models include both 2012 and 2013 models of the vehicle. The problem arose when government testing of the car showed its stability control system, which was touted to allow drivers to take turns at higher speeds without skidding, failed to keep the car under control. 

Honda has announced that it has not received any word on crashes or injuries stemming directly from the defective component, but that any Honda dealership can have the updated program installed in its current fleet of Fits at no cost. 

According to Reuters, the testing showed the car may begin to tilt if turns are taken at too high of speed, which could ultimately lead to loss of traction and a crash. The problem was discovered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.