Digitalization: Reduce Costs, Improve Reliability, & Increase Profit Margins

DigitalClone Live Software as a service applies materials science and physics-based monitoring to simulate when cracks initiate in in the microstructure of critical components and major systems of rotating mechanical equipment. DigitalClone Live is a platform connecting wind operators & suppliers, facilitating data-driven business decisions that reduce costs across six organizational areas.

Operations Management
Turbine watch list and asset actions designed to keep turbines healthy and out of operational failure

Asset Management
Long-term life prediction for turbine lifecycle management, multi-year budgeting and maintenance & replacement parts forecasting

Supply Chain Management
Long-term visibility into when and where component replacements & field service maintenance activities for optimized production and logistics planning

Risk Management
A fleet risk analysis of individual assets to reduce insurance and extended warranty costs

New Development
Long-term insight into site and revenue performance enables competitive bidding of Power Purchase Agreements

Business Strategy
An executive dashboard to view KPI’s, make purchasing decisions and analyze overall fleet performance for site comparisons