670 people from 40 countries competed in online digitalization game, more than 17 years of life extension added, improving the financial outcomes of the wind farms by €860 million

 September 26, 2018 – Hamburg, Germany – More than 685 people from 40 countries competed in the first leg of the Global Wind Challenge, and over the past 16 days, have been taking life extension actions on their virtual wind farms. The players competed on 4,403 wind turbines and 16,334 life extension actions adding 17 years of life. Suppliers saw an investment of €243 million through Buy on Life component replacements, and the improved financial outcomes to the operators was €860 million.

The Wind Challenge was designed to bring attention to the industry about the importance of digitalization and the financial impact of life extension. WindEurope, Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys and Recharge News partnered together to bring The Wind Challenge to the Global Wind Summit. Sentient Science powered the online game with its DigitalClone models of GE, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) and Vestas wind turbines. The players received their virtual wind farm in Greenland and fictional data was used to provide the life predictions of the wind turbines.

The winner, Josep Fernandez Gausach, extended the life of his wind farm by 4.94 years and improved the financial outcome by €19,686,253. He wins an SLR pit bike. 

The players who achieved the best strategy for the GE, SGRE and Vestas wind turbines each win a DJI Mavic Pro Drone. 

Tibor Takarics won for strategy on his GE fleet by extending life by 2.10 years and improved the financial outcome of the GE turbines by €7,033,146. Anthony Desaintjores won for SGRE and extended life by 1.5 years and improved the financial outcome by €8,318,573. Laura Sanz won on the Vestas Wind Turbines. She successfully extended life by 1.34 years and improved the financial outcome by €4,271,019.

“I liked The Wind Challenge because it was a fun way to understand and know the impact that has, within a wide range of actions, the choice of the correct action in order to try to reduce maintenance costs, and to increase the life expectancy of the wind turbine,” said Sanz.

A panel of wind experts evaluated life extension actions added to the game manually. Holger Streetz won two JBL speakers for his life extension action to regrease with ceramic grease.

The next leg of the game begins now, and winners will be identified at China Wind Power in October. As part of the next leg of the challenge, players are asked to refer their friends in the referral program. The player that brings the most referrals to the game will win an electric Model S Zero Motorcycle. That part of the game will be announced at AWEA Fall Symposium in November. More details to be available on sentientscience.com


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Jill Szpylman
Director, Public Relations
Sentient Science