Customer Success Team for Acceleration of Digitalization Efforts of Chinese Wind Operators & OEM Suppliers

October 15, 2018, Beijing, China – Sentient Science, a high-tech software company based in New York, has opened its Chinese headquarters office in Beijing, China, hiring technical resources to digitalize and integrate the wind turbine fleets of the largest wind operators and original equipment manufacturer suppliers inside the DigitalClone® Life Extension Platform.

DigitalClone is a cloud-based platform that helps return 13% of the revenue from wind turbines back to the operator, using advanced prognostics on the health of individual wind turbines and life extension actions to extend wind turbine life. Through a centralized system, the platform connects the component replacement forecasts of operators with service providers and OEM suppliers to compete for the life extension action business. The platform enables Buy on Life® transactions based on a unique fusion of materials science and data science modeling of the wind turbines. Operators and utilities are able to make buying decisions based on life extension and improvements in business value reducing the cost of O&M, asset management, and supply and inventory management.

To rapidly, onboard the operator data within the DigitalClone Live platform, Sentient hired Dr. Russell Wang, formerly of SKF to runs its technical deployment program. Dr. Wang holds his PhD in mechanical engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and has a long history of working in the mechanical and industrial engineering industry. Dr. Wang will report to Harry Liu, President of Sentient’s China operations, formerly Vice President at Vestas.

Dr. Wang and Mr. Liu will both be at China Wind Power this week with their technical staff discussing Sentient’s new partnerships with Longyuan and Goldwind at the show. Sentient will present at the Innovations Forum and the CTO Forum – the “Wind Challenge”, a global online competition going on through November 14, that allows wind experts to compete against each other to extend the life of a wind farm with the highest business outcomes.

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About Sentient Science

Sentient Science Corporation is a trusted third party to the operator, predicting the life and reliability of complex rotating equipment. Sentient Science’s cloud-based software, DigitalClone Platform, manages the health and life extension of rotating mechanical equipment using a combination of materials science and data science. The technology models and simulates components and full systems under real-life operating conditions to predict life in three dimensions in time – Now (0-12 months) mid-term (1-3 years) and the long term (5+ years) for the electrification and transportation markets. Operators optimize their maintenance cycles and lower the pre-and post-installation costs of “rotating” systems through life extension actions. Equipment manufacturers use the software for design tradeoff and sensitivity analysis and to prove their life claims to accelerate the sales within DigitalClone Platform. Sentient Science has received the 2014 Tibbets Award at the White House, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers Award in 2016 and Excellence in Wind Prognostics by Frost & Sullivan in 2017.



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