Next Wind Challenge Starts Early 2019 with 5 Operators & 1 Supplier

November 14, 2018, Colorado Springs, CO – Sentient Science announced the second winner of The Wind Challenge at AWEA Clean Energy Executive Summit today in Colorado Springs, Co. Adam Ziemba of Poland will win an electric Zero Motorcycle for his wind turbine life extension strategy.

The Wind Challenge is a demonstration of using digital data to drive economies of scale and failure rate reduction in wind turbines. Sentient Science sponsored two Wind Challenge global games to show how digitalization can drive cost out of the wind turbine business, more than any other single cost-reduction strategy.

The second round introduced Chinese bearings for use in GE, Vestas and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) wind turbines, providing additional Buy on Life strategies for players to explore. The online demonstration showed how economies of scale can create purchasing power to deliver 30% cost reduction on parts and 50% labor reduction derived from long-term forecasting and life extension actions in the software.

Ziemba, a customer success manager from Boldare, invested $4,279,044 into his virtual wind farm for 5.10 years of life extension and $28,980,563 of improved financial outcome after playing all 60 wind assets on his virtual wind farm. His life extension strategy proved that actions taken on assets with 1-5 years and 5+ years of good health have high financial reward. Life extension actions on those turbines prevent them from failing and causing high replacement costs.

“At the beginning ‘less is more’ strategy was giving satisfactory results, but a little later I’ve started optimizing assets by using diagrams and BOMs,” said Ziemba. “When it comes to the leaderboard and its master plan my idea is simple: do not lay all the cards on the table at once.”

The Wind Challenge had six wind turbine combinations from GE, Vestas and SGRE for a total of 60 wind assets per player. Each OEM was paired with a gearbox with an operational configuration. For example, a GE 2.0 paired with a Winergy 3505 gearbox showed three bearings, which will need to be changed for life extension of this configuration. Players were given options to replace the three critical bearings with bearing choices from the top global bearing manufacturers, including cost and projected life improvement calculations. When all three bearings are replaced, this configuration would get an additional 43 months life extension on its gearbox due to improved bearing choice.

Bearings played in the Wind Challenge demonstrated 11,964 transacted bearings. Part costs added up to $45,77,532, offering a net present savings of $102,693,532 for the operators. In one example, a GE 2.0 wind turbine with a Winergy 3505 gearbox demonstrated that 1,864 bearings in three locations with an average failure rate of 7.2% could be grouped and purchased at a 30% discount, saving the operators $37 million for these three bearing locations. 

Over the two Wind Challenges, 972 players from 44 countries competed over 56 play days. Collectively, players competed on 6,364 wind turbine drivetrains and took 26,491 life extension actions for 24,783 total years or an average of 4 years life extension per turbine. The industry impact demonstrated an $85 billion opportunity for improved financial outcomes to the operator community and more than $18 billion of new revenue opportunities for the supplier community.

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About Sentient Science:

Sentient Science is an award-winning scientifically-based software platform company based in Buffalo, NY, with research facilities in Idaho Falls, ID and West Lafayette, IN. Since its inception in 2001, Sentient Science developed a cloud-based software that applies materials science, multi-body dynamic physics, tribology and data analytics to understand how, when, and where materials fail at a microstructure level and where cracks initiate at the subsurface and surface levels. Sentient Science Corporation is the wind industry’s digitalization leader, predicting remaining useful life and life extension actions for of complex rotating equipment. The platform monitors the health and provides life extension actions of wind turbines to reduce operational and capital costs of wind projects by simulating components and full systems under representative operational and loading conditions. Sentient Science was recognized by the White House in 2014 with the Tibbetts Award and Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers Award in 2016 and Frost & Sullivan with the New Product Innovation for Wind Prognostics in 2017.



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