Statement from Sentient Science Faubel New CEO of Onshore Wind Business at Siemens Gamesa

Alfonso Faubel, President of European Operations and Chief Revenue Officer for Sentient Science, will transition to a new position as CEO of Siemens Gamesa Onshore Wind Business. Over the last two years, Mr. Faubel exceeded Sentient’s expectations as a key member of the executive management team, leading efforts to double wind turbines under digital management year over year.

“Alfonso has been a great resource to Sentient over the last two years, and we look forward to continuing to work with him in his new role at SGRE and beyond. As we look at the trajectory of the company, the timing was also right to transition the global sales approach,” said Ward Thomas, CEO of Sentient Science.

Sentient now has 60,000 wind turbines under management – 40,000 from global wind operators and 20,000 with OEM and ISP Service organizations. It was under Faubel’s guidance from years in the wind power OEM business that Sentient was able to launch its digitalization OEM and Services initiative within the DigitalClone platform.

“Under Alfonso’s leadership, we have the largest global install base of digitalized wind turbines from both operators and suppliers. We continue to be a trusted third party to the operator, leveraging our materials science models to reduce the cost of energy and improve profit margins with life extension. Our Engineering and Supply Chain offerings for the OEM and services businesses are scaling nicely, and we expect continued growth beyond this transition,” said Thomas, noting wind is the world’s first fully digitalized industry – an example used for the aerospace and rail markets, which also use Sentient’s DigitalClone technology.

“We wish Alfonso luck in his transition back to hardware after two years in the fast-paced digital industry,” Thomas concluded.

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About Sentient Science:

DigitalClone has four product offerings:

  • DigitalClone for Operations & Maintenance: Find additional of field failures not identified by current capabilities (Super Hits)
  • DigitalClone for Asset Management: Reduce field failure rates from 6% to 3% with life extension actions
  • DigitalClone for Supply Chain: Reduce inventory and supply costs by 30% with economies of scale
  • DigitalClone for Engineering: Computationally test new and redesigned products under field loading profiles for optimized design cycles and reduced failure rates from 6% to 1%