Accelerating Design Schedules by 50%

DigitalClone is materials science-based technology, simulating wear and life extension options using a multi-physics-based approach.


Prescriptive Maintenance

Justify increased funding for preventive maintenance like re-profiling and friction management. DigitalClone quantifies the life extension and financial impact of making changes to the type of maintenance or frequency of application, so the railroads can prescribe the optimal series of maintenance actions to the right parts of their network. This data can be leveraged in enterprise asset management frameworks for decision support.

Supplier Optimization

Accelerate how quickly new vendors are adopted by reducing risk of quality issues and premature failures. DigitalClone quantifies life of new products and compares life extension and financial impact to current networks, reducing evaluation periods from 5+ years to less than 1 year.



Reduce a significant technical challenge for railroads based on volume and quality of existing data. Today, railroads have been forced to rely on data-driven approaches that use limited and low-quality historical data to predict future trends. Alternatively, railroads use in-field and/or in-lab testing, which is time consuming and expensive. The DigitalClone approach only requires a "snapshot" of the railroad as it is today, and removes significant barriers, so railroads can make the most efficient decisions to deploy their capital and extend track life faster.

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Today, many railroads are seeking to double, triple, or quadruple their installations of composite ties due to the potential game changing benefit of reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to traditional ties.

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