Wind owners/operators dream of a time when they can achieve life extension beyond 25+ years. However, bearings become the nightmares of their dreams, silent killers whose wear and fatigue go undetected until they “Freddy Krueger” slash the other components and cause death – not only in the owner’s dreams, but in reality.  

Imagine getting ahead of “Freddy Krueger.” Rather than waiting for the alarm to sound, alerting you that the killer is near, look ahead months and years to prevent death. When you can understand how those bearings are behaving inside the gearbox, you can take life extension actions that prevent bearing failures.

Sentient Science helps owners/operators outsmart their field failures, arming them with long-term forecasts and the bearing life data needed to swap out the silent killers with better performing bearings. 

Do you have what it takes to outsmart your bearings? Test out your life extension strategies in The Wind Challenge to understand the financial impact of your operational decisions.

Wake up. This is no longer a dream. Visit to test out Buy on Life transactions that help achieve life extension beyond 20 years and improve the financial outcome of fleet performance.

Happy Halloween!