Materials-Based Computational Testing

Ranking fleet-wide gearbox assets worst to best
Ranking fleet-wide gearbox candidates for up-tower component replacement
“Buy on Life”™ – buy systems and components on Life not just cost

DigitalClone® allows operators & suppliers to plan years in advance how to operate and upgrade an asset to improve their return on investment. Our data provides solutions for life extension, and helps make decisions on weather to redesign or reconfigure, to use new or remanufactured parts, and to assess risk reduction & bearing supply chain services.


DigitalClone® for Suppliers

Computational Testing of Mechanical
Systems & Components

What if you could computationally test and lower the cost and time to achieve the world's most tested products?

DigitalClone for Operators

Prognostics models interfaced with field assets

What if you could accurately forecast and budget drive-train, gearbox and component replacements at three levels of visibility, short term, mid-term and long term, to lower your O&M cost?