Software Automation Engineer

Development Team | Buffalo, NY United States

We are seeking a highly motivated team member with proven expertise in developing scalable software that can automate new and existing data-driven processes. Our processes range from hybrid wind engineering data analysis, to data QA, to analysis and post-processing of mechanical engineering model simulation data.

You’ll collaborate with a variety of backgrounds and lead efforts to take manual or semi-automated processes and turn them into automated or human-in-the-loop production software processes. You’ll produce scalable software, driving business growth and dramatically increasing the productivity of our technical, business, and customer-facing teams.


  • Work with our software automation team members in an Agile/Scrum workflow.
  • Design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain software for existing data analysis processes.
  • Work with mechanical engineers, business analysts, and our delivery teams to assess a path forward for integrating or replacing manual data QA systems with automated ones.
  • Develop new automated data collection capabilities.
  • Support non-software teams on tight deadlines with custom or one-time automation needs, while keeping an eye out for how to handle these new use cases more swiftly by improving existing automated processes.
  • Communicate new automated workflows through code docstrings, wiki documentation, and team training.
  • Develop and integrate analytical jobs into the Sentient data production/analysis workflow
  • Develop dashboards/UI to enable curating and visualization of collected data
  • Monitor automated and manual data collection and publishing processes
  • Provide regular and consistent team support to other software automation engineers for the development, deployment, and maintenance of automated systems (pair programming, code reviews).


  • Clear communication skills with different backgrounds (software, other engineering, business).
  • Experience writing software to automate manual processes (from Excel, disjoint scripts, etc).
  • Experience deploying production applications or workflows to a public cloud (bonus points for AWS).
  • Experience working with Linux Command Line Interface and creating/maintaining bash scripts.
  • Experience or strong interest in product management (working with target users/coworkers to specify minimum viable software product that encapsulates their existing manual processes and create discrete software tasks that will implement that product).
  • Git proficiency: branching, merging, pull requests, etc.
  • Experience working with common DevOps technologies (bonus points for Vagrant & Docker).
  • Experience developing and deploying json restAPIs (bonus points for designing and testing too).
  • Develop web dashboards/UI to enable visualization of processes and collected data.


  • Proficiency working with as many of these languages as possible: Clojure, Elixir, C++, Python, Javascript, SQL.
  • Experience with Phoenix Framework.
  • Experience working with very large amounts of data (locally or through cloud-based big data tools like Spark, MongoDB, etc.).
  • Experience cleaning structured and unstructured data.
  • Experience with AWS.
  • Experience refactoring legacy code to be more efficient and autonomous.
  • Experience writing tests alongside code.
  • Experience working in an agile software environment.

About the Company

At Sentient Science, we are leaders in predicting the lifetime of complex rotating equipment.

We model and simulate components and full systems within the aerospace, rail, and wind energy industries. Our simulations, physics-based models, and subsequent data analysis enables users to optimize maintenance cycles and lower the pre- and post-installation costs of rotating systems, such as helicopters and wind turbines.

Our culture values flexibility for employees. Each role requires a sense of ownership, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Teams consist of a lot of backgrounds working in concert to do amazing things.

Please submit your Résumés and Cover Letter to [email protected].

(We DO NOT accept résumés from third party recruitment agencies)