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I have $5 Million to Spend on Gearbox Maintenance this Year. How Should I Spend it?

Suppose you need to spend $5 Million dollars on gearbox maintenance this year. How would…

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Published June 19, 2015

How to Double Gearbox Life Using New Materials, Components, and Methods

Sentient Science hosted three different solution providers to discuss their approaches to double gearbox life…

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Published April 23, 2015

North American Wind Gearbox Failures: A $10 Billion Dollar O&M Challenge Thru 2025

On March 10th, 2015, Stephen Steen was asked to be a part of a webinar…

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Published March 18, 2015

Move from Planned Preventative Maintenance to Predictive Health Maintenance

Sentient Science provides Prognostics Health Management using the Industrial Internet and will show practical examples…

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Published March 17, 2015

Comparing Replacement Components to Extend the Life of Gearboxes

Making the right decisions on the subcomponent gears and bearings in your gearbox bill of…

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Published February 26, 2015

Modeling Tribological Contacts to Calculate Time to System Failure in Wind Turbine Gearboxes

A modeling approach to wind turbine drivetrain components requires fundamental knowledge in tribology, which is…

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Published January 29, 2015

Investigating the Impacts of Uprating or Derating for the GE 1.5MW

Many wind turbine operators that own GE 1.5MW turbines are considering to either uprate (using…

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Published November 19, 2014

Fusing Prognostic Models with Sensor Diagnostics to Predict End of Life Gearbox Projections

In this webinar recording, Sentient Science reviews how it has developed a new model-data fusion…

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Published October 21, 2014

The Financial Impact of Extending Asset Life and Quantifying Operational Uncertainty

Wind project finance is largely dependent on energy forecasts and energy uncertainty values to size…

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Published September 24, 2014